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Hear Directly From Industry Leaders

At Hopson Communications and Coaching, LLC, we hope to use our years of expertise to provide guidance to businesses in our community. Our Akron-based seminars and training programs are packed full of growth strategies, highly effective solutions, and networking opportunities with business leaders from various industries. No matter your industry or level of experience, these beneficial talks can open doors and change the game for your business.

woman teaching group of business people

Mastermind Small Business Training Program

Establishing and conducting a mastermind small business training program isn’t the only vertical we have to be proud of. Our industry leaders have been well-known in the community for years and have served as valuable assets for various events. Hopson Communications and Coaching, LLC has made well-received appearances as either the keynote speaker or trainer for the following:

  • Fairlawn Chamber of Commerce
  • ECDI of Ohio
  • Seville Chamber of Commerce
  • Better Business Bureau of Akron
  • Ohio Department of Development Program

Connect With Experienced Advisors on a Regular Basis

The ability to connect with and hear directly from other business professionals in the community is something to take advantage of whenever the opportunity arises. The bi-weekly Mastermind Business Development Program from Hopson Communications and Coaching, LLC can serve as a regular source of advice and empowerment for your business. Small business owners deserve as many opportunities as possible to empower them to reach their full potential. Whether you’re an Akron local, new to the area, or visiting from out of town, our expert consultants are ready to provide practical bi-weekly solutions for your business endeavors.

Get in Touch With Our Team to Achieve Game-Changing Results